Titan Brahma Suede Multi-adjustable Lever Belt

MULTI-ADJUSTABLE LEVER BUCKLE - First multi-adjustable lever belt to be patented in the world. Designed by Tim White and developed in collaboration with Titan. Secure lock design. 11 inches of adjustability.

CRAFTSMANSHIP WARRANTY - Lifetime warranty on entire belt - leather and lever buckle. Warranty includes Lever breakage under use but does not include cross-threaded/stripped screws due to customer negligence.

LEATHER - North American sole bend leather and suede.

  • 4”x 4” Width (10cm x 10cm)
  • 13 mm Thickness
  • IPF Approved
  • Made in USA

Texas Belts…The Strongest and Most Durable Belt on the Market! Period!

IPF Approved and tested by World Champions everywhere. Texas Belts are Handcrafted with the Highest attention to Detail and quality.

Our master craftsmen, Hand craft each belt from the finest Leathers available, Texas Belts are 100% USA made in the same facilities that produce the world’s best powerlifting suits and shirts.

TEXAS BELTS – A Tradition of Manufacturing the Finest Quality Powerlifting Belts.

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