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SMESH GEAR Pull-Up Grips + Fonzie Thumb Sleeves


The new and improved pull-up grips from SMESH GEAR. Made with industrial grade nylon/poly materials that are made to last. This material stretches and adapts to your movement for better comfort and flexibility while gripping the bar as well as provide better rip protection. Comes with thicker wrist strap that can double up as wrist wrap.

Purchase these grips either on its own or as a combo, with a pair of Fonzie Thumbsleeves and an exclusive SMESH GEAR mesh bag, for better value. The Fonzie Thumbsleeves are designed specifically for high-rep and grip intensive cleans and snatches.

Save the hassle of taping your thumbs before every workout. These Fonzie Thumbsleeves is easy to use, time-saving, cost-saving and definitely thumb-saving.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Made with durable industrial grade nylon/poly materials
  • Sizes: Small & Medium
  • Purchase as a combo to get the Fonzie Thumbsleeves and SMESH GEAR mesh bag at special price
  • Colours: Black, Pink, Blue & Dark Green

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